Thank you for supporting local food trucks!

Do you have an event or festival coming up that you would like one or more of our food truck members to provide food?

Please fill out the online form as thoroughly as possible.

Very important!!  We can’t stress this enough.  Our members need to have each of these fields complete to decide if they can vend at your event and to contact you.  If the form is incomplete, such as “How many hungry people you expect?”, you may have each member calling you to ask the same question or you may have no calls at all.   Add any additional items in the ‘Additional Information’ section  ie:  What are you looking for?  Any special food? Are you offering any minimums for smaller events?  How many food trucks are you expecting?

Small Events.

In some cases, to entice a food truck to attend your small event, a deposit or minimum guarantee may be necessary.  The amount may differ from vendor to vendor based on the time and money it takes to get ready for your event, but offering a minimum will most likely garner more interested food truck operators.

The number of food trucks for your event.

A rule of thumb for the number of food trucks is,  one (1) truck for every 200-250 hungry people.  There is hours of prep and food costs that goes into vending for your event.  They want to be able to feed everyone at your event and not run out of food.  Also the food trucks operators need to make money, so if you have too few paying customers or too many food trucks, no one makes money and you will have disappointed and upset operators and possibly have a difficult time getting vendors at any future event you hold.

Allow plenty of time, as some food trucks are scheduled months in advance.

In some instances, we might be able to serve at your event with a weeks notice.  Last minute events do come up and we will do our best to cover your event, but we cannot guarantee availability of individual trucks on short notice.

After you submit your online request.

Once we receive your request, we will forward it on to our members and they will check their availability and contact you directly.  The more information you provide, the quicker the trucks you are looking for can contact you.

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Name of your event?

Type of event? Public Event (e.g. festival, concert, car show, flea market) Private Event (e.g. wedding, family reunion)

Location of your Event? (Address of venue, parking lot, business and most importantly, city of your event)


Hours of your event? Example: Sat 7am - 6pm, Sun 9am - 4pm

Number of consecutive days your event will last?

Reoccurring event? One time event or weekly/monthly/yearly?

How many hungry people will attend your event? (REQUIRED)?

Power available and what type? Yes/No 110/220 or both?

Any Additional Details (Our food truck vendor members with availability and interested in vending for your event will contact you directly. For small events, you may need to provide a minimum deposit):