Our Mission Statement

The Oregon Food Truck Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to unifying and promoting Oregon mobile food vendors and serving as a resource for them, as well as, local governments, community organizations, and the public.  As members, we are united in the common goal of elevating our image as mobile food vendors, giving exceptional customer service and supporting the community we serve in meaningful ways including education, advocacy and community outreach.

For the Public:

 Why a site about food trucks in Oregon?

Because there are some great food trucks in and around this big state — local small businesses that support other local business and bring something new to the cities, towns and communities they serve.   Food trucks do not replace restaurants, they merely provide a safe, healthy and fascinating alternative when you or your family are in the mood for something different.

Mobile Food brings a rich and diverse experience to our community.

The Mobile Food scene around the US is at the forefront of innovation in creating and delivering an amazingly diverse range of food.  Here in Oregon, we have people making traditional American street food — hot dogs, burgers, BBQ, sandwiches, but with a twist.   That hot dog might be a  Portland-made smoked German sausage on a locally-baked sesame bun with local ketchup and an Oregon pickle.  The sandwich is often a scratch-made Pastrami, or beer soaked corned beef with local craft beers.  BBQ & burgers with local grass-fed beef or the philly cheesesteak you’ve been craving.  We have mobile vendors with unique and delicious crepes, wood-fired pizza and fry bread tacos.

The mobile food truck scene doesn’t stop there.  Vegetarian wraps with local organic vegetables. Carne Asada cooked over mesquite and served hot and spicy.  Korean Sandwiches  – and a brownie for desert.  Now that is fusion of cuisines!  Italian Street Food. Greek Street Food.  French Street Food.  Russian Street Food, Pacific Island Street Food.  You name it, we probably have it, AND if we don’t, bring your creations to our network of food vendors.