Every City and County has their own rules.  Counties have health department rules AND may have building, fire and public safety rules as well.

The best thing you can do for your truck is to talk to them about your plans while you are still in the planning stage.

Environmental Health Department Info  is here

They link to the state rules and forms

Recently the Polk County Community Development Manager replied to our email query about county codes:

” My advice would be to have vendors contact the planning division that administers the zoning at their proposed location. So that would be either the city if in city limits or the county if outside the city limits. That way we could check to see if that particular use is allowed in the zone. The Polk County Zoning Ordinance, which applies outside city limits in Polk County, is located online at http://www.co.polk.or.us/cd/planning/polk-county-zoning-ordinance  I would recommend that a vendor just give us a call. We will help make sense of the zoning regulations.”
Jerry Sorte, MPA; Planning Manager
Polk County Community Development
Phone: (503) 623-9237