OFTA welcomes Beehive Station as our newest Business Member.

Opened in early summer 2017, Beehive Station has underwent a series of changes over the summer.  From 2 carts and a parking nightmare, to a wide variety of food choices in a well organized food pod worthy of the South Salem area.  The food cart choices are varied, the atmosphere is very organized and coordinated and the trailers well kept.  There is a seating area with plenty of places to gather and chat or relax and enjoy the day.  The parking lot has been striped, so parking is a breeze.  With 2 entrances/exits, one near a stoplight, customers can be assured to leave quickly, even in heavy traffic times.of day.  Upon leaving their vehicles, customers are inundated by the delicious smells from the cooking food.  From taquerias to BBQ to dessert, Beehive Station seems to have it all.


From their website:  “Just as honeybees work together in a hive to produce a food source, Beehive Station wants to be the happening place in South Salem for your food pod cravings.  Our goals is to have amazing cooks, bakers, baristas, beer, cider and wine makers at the “Hive” who will collectively come together to produce a cornerstone that will satisfy your taste for street food cuisine.”